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4 Fantastic Parenting Classes in Erie, PA to Grow Your Skills

From the very start of pregnancy, you quickly realize that parenthood is actually pretty darn stressful! You have to make a million decisions, from your birth plan to correcting bad behaviors. While making mistakes is inevitable, one of the best things you can do for yourself is sign up for classes that will help you learn how to handle the challenges with grace. As an Erie family photographer, I work with tons of parents who have gone through this exact experience. Here are the parenting classes in Erie, PA I always recommend. 

Explore These Incredible Parenting Classes In Erie, PA For The Guidance You Need

Women’s Care Center of Erie County

4408 Peach Street, Suite 202, Erie, Pennsylvania 16509

If you need a little guidance through early parenthood, the Women’s Care Center of Erie County is the spot for you. This center provides classes that will prepare you for childbirth, teach you how to care for a newborn, and nurse your baby. They also have parenting classes that will teach you to do things like establish healthy relationships, keep your child safe, manage your money, and potty train your toddler. 

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Erie Family Center

606 Raspberry Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16502

Erie Family Center was created to build healthier, happier parents. The center offers classes in both English and Spanish. They have separate classes that will teach you how to love and support your child through every season. You can sign up for motherhood support and fatherhood support. They also have Parents as Teachers courses that will teach you how to aid your child’s early development and increase their school readiness. 

Childbirth & Parenting Classes | UPMC Memorial

1701 Innovation Dr, York, Pennsylvania 17408

UPMC is another hospital that offers Childbirth & Parenting Classes. By working with this center, you will have access to a large menu of topics that will have you prepared for pretty much every situation. These classes can be completed either in person or virtually. In addition to their childbirth and infant care classes, you can get guidance on breastfeeding, maternal wellness, preparing for multiples, and getting grandparents ready. They also have classes that will teach you how to manage dogs and kids. 

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Classes for First-Time Parents in Western PA | AHN

232 W 25th Street, Erie, Pennsylvania 16544

Classes for First Time Parents through AHN are here to provide you with support through every season. AHN provides these classes through multiple locations, including West Penn, Forbes Regional, Jefferson, Wexford, and Saint Vincent. You will be able to sign up for informative classes as well as support groups that will give you a safe space to vent. They have classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, newborn care, and infant and child safety. These classes are open for additional family members, so your baby will always be loved and supported. 

I Hope You Found The Perfect Parenting Classes In Erie, PA For Your Family

With these Erie, PA parenting classes, you’re never too far away from expert help. Check them out so you can find your match. 

If you need a little extra help making parenthood beautiful, let’s connect! I’m an Erie portrait photographer, and I adore working with parents so they can freeze this time. I know from experience how quickly this season flies by, and I want to help you slow it down. If you’ve been considering booking a session, I would love to have a conversation so you can decide if I’m lucky enough to help you make memories!





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