Newborn baby girl wearing a bonnet

Preparing for your Newborn Studio Photography Session in Erie PA

Your session should be an exciting time for you. Parents often find themselves anxious about preparing. There isn’t much to plan for, so just get ready to sit back and enjoy the session. It is sure to be amazing!

You will want to contact your photographer early in your pregnancy to let them know your due date. Most photographers will tentatively schedule you for your due date and then as soon as you have your baby, they get you on the calendar.

Share the colors you love and any specific style you want to see with your photographer. Your photographer is going to provide everything you need for the session. For example, I provide props, clothing, backdrops, wraps, headbands, bonnets, and hats. You get to choose the items you would love to be used in your photographs.

Newborn baby girl laying on a neutral blanket

Your session can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on how your baby sleeps and feeding and diaper changes. Additionally, newborn photographers typically keep their studio warm to make sure your baby is comfortable. So, you should be prepared to wear layers.

Babies do very well in the studio for posing when they are in a very deep sleep. To encourage this, try to keep your baby awake at least two hours before you session. I ask my clients to bring their baby to the studio hungry and have them feed them once they arrive. There is a term called “Milk Drunk” and that is how we newborn photographers like baby to be. Make sure to have a couple extra bottles on hand if you use formula. Your baby will probably eat more than usual during the session as this often calms them.

Be patient. If your baby is fussy or alert. Your photographer will be very patient and take the time to calm your baby and get them to sleep. I highly suggest bringing a pacifier. Even if you feel they won’t take it, sometimes it helps just a bit to get them settled.

I always encourage family photos. You will want to speak with your photographer about family and sibling photos. These moments are so fleeting, you want to make sure you are photographed with your baby.

I’d love to have you in my Erie, Pa Photography studio! If you are expecting, contact me! If you have a moment checkout some of the beautiful babies that have been in my studio!





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