Maternity photo of a woman in a white dress in an Erie, Pa photography studio

Top Baby Shower Registry Items in Erie, PA

We’ve all been to a baby shower or two (or ten!), and we know what a family with a new baby needs. There are the standards of course. Here is some advice from a photographer.

  1. Crib!  Baby needs to sleep. Parents can choose from traditional, convertible, mini, or travel. Check out the super-fun The Wave Crib!  Functional and gorgeous.  Wish I’d have had one of these when my boys were babies.
  2. Baby monitor. Holy moly has monitor technology taken off! New parents can go for audio, visual, audio-visual, motion sensor, and wearable tech. The Owlet Cam provides two-way talk and visuals at the touch of your phone screen. Watch the overnight antics of your cat climbing into the crib to soothe your fussy newborn.
  3. Baby formula/bottles/breast pump. Not surprisingly, babies also need to eat and drink. Whether moms-to-be have decided on formula or becoming part of La Leche League, they definitely need supplies. Be mindful of the family’s choice for feeding their newborn; ask before buying formula vs a breast pump.
  4. Diapers & wipes. It goes without saying that once baby has fed and drank, bodily functions will occur! Be a pal and get that new mom and dad plenty of appropriately sized diapers and wipes. Ask the parents first what type of diapers they will be using! Is the family all about the convenience of disposable diapers or about the sustainability of cloth? Or do they want the best of both worlds and want an Earth-friendly disposable?
  5. Bibs and burp cloths. Let’s face it; babies are messy eaters. Like, get it together, BABY!  Keep that food in your mouth. I jest. But parents definitely need a vast supply of bibs and burp cloths for cleanup! And bib and burp cloth sets can be SO CUTE!

Maternity photo of a girl in a lace dress in an Erie PA studio

Let’s not forget mommy though! Sure, parents need a lot of newborn supplies but mom needs some love too.  Consider a post-partum gift set to help pamper her and ease pain. She’ll love you for it!

But, if you want hit the ball out of the park for the new parents, gift them with a maternity or newborn photography session with me. That baby will be here before you know it! Capture the beauty of maternity and the endearing moments of the first few days with your newborn. Let’s chat





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