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Discover Northwest PA Nannies: Your Trusted Nanny in Erie, PA

As parents, we always want the best for our kids. It’s why we spend so much time researching the latest baby gear and figuring out healthy recipes we can make for our picky eaters. And when it comes time to find childcare, we’re not about to settle! The only issue is that it can be hard to find childcare that actually works for you. Most traditional daycares are short-staffed and filled to the brim, plus you have to deal with the nonstop spread of germs. No, thanks! As an Erie newborn photographer, I spend a lot of time chatting with parents about childcare options that have worked for them. If you are searching for a nanny in Erie, PA, let me introduce you to your new best friends at Northwest PA Nannies! 

About the Northwest PA Nannies And How They Find You A Nanny In Erie, PA

Northwest PA Nannies is an Erie, PA nanny center that was founded by Chrissy Dougan, a doula as well as a mom herself. The center was founded in 2016 to provide parents with the support they needed both before and after their new baby’s arrival. The team is filled with experienced professionals who provide a long list of services. Of course, you’ll find nannies, but you can also book classes for the entire family or find a doula who will make you feel empowered for this season of life. No matter what, they’re going to provide you with an exceptional support system. 

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Northwest PA Nannies provides you with customized nanny childcare that will actually work for your Erie, PA, family! The center ensures their nannies provide nonjudgmental care. They will get to know your family as well as your schedule. Their goal is to learn how you do things so they can make sure your family has consistent care. You can find full-time and part-time care as well as sick care and date night sitters. All their candidates are certified in CPR and First Aid. They have undergone an INA Nanny Basic Skills Assessment and have at least one year of experience.  You’ll also have a backup nanny in case yours can’t make it that day. With this group, you will find flexible care whenever you need it! 

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Okay, they do a little more than provide an incredible nanny, so let’s chat for a second about their Erie, PA, doula services. Their professionals are there to support you both during and after birth. They will be your biggest advocates and provide you with advice. So you can have the very best experience. You can also book classes that will prepare you for birth as well as the postpartum stage. With this center, you really will have unconditional support through every stage of parenthood! 

You Can Trust Northwest PA Nannies With Finding Your Family A Perfect Nanny In Erie, PA

Northwest PA Nannies are here to make sure you have family care you’ll actually love. Check them out today so you can decide if this is your best option for finding a nanny in Erie, PA

If you’re looking for more tips for the first years of parenthood, I would love it if you stuck around! As an Erie photographer, I adore helping parents find local resources so they can have an exceptional support system. I can also chat with you about my portrait sessions that let you freeze this unforgettable time. Contact me today so we can get the conversation started!





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