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Erie Doulas | Fantastic Doula Team in Erie, PA for Your Birth Journey

Are you expecting and considering using a doula? Erie Doulas can help you feel calm, confident, and prepared for your birthing journey. Erie Doulas are an experienced, compassionate, and supportive team. They want your birth to be the best it can be! So, let’s check out everything that Erie Doulas have to offer.

About Erie Doulas

Erie Doulas has served hundreds of women over the past 20 years. They are passionate about healthy birth. In addition, they are dedicated to helping you experience birth in an atmosphere of respect, safety, and trust. Erie Doulas are a team of women who believe that giving birth is something you will never forget. They want those memories to be the best they can be.

They believe that pregnancy and childbirth are normal and natural processes filled with opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. Erie Doulas equip you with tools, knowledge, and support to experience pregnancy and birth with less anxiety and fear and more excitement and confidence!


There is so much information about the benefits of doula support. At Erie Doulas, they are happy to share all that information with you step by step. When you hire a doula at Erie Doulas, they spend individual one-on-one time with you during your pregnancy to help you prepare for labor and birth. As well as teaching coping skills and comfort measures during birth, they discuss learning options, preferences, interests, and concerns.

When you are in labor, the doula will stay with you at the hospital before, during, and after the baby’s birth to help you settle in. There is also a postpartum visit to check in on the family and ensure any questions you may have are answered. For the full traditional doula support throughout your pregnancy and birth, including the postpartum visit, pricing begins at $895. However, if you are seeking prenatal support only, pricing starts at $50.


Not only does Erie Doulas offer support with a one-on-one Doula, but they offer private, personalized classes either virtually or in person. One of the classes offered is a birth preparation class that covers all stages of pregnancy, labor, and early postpartum care. This class is 4 hours and the price is currently $120. First Weeks with Baby class is a confidence-building class for first-time parents that includes newborn care, feeding, and postpartum recovery. The length of this class is also 4 hours, and the cost is $120. Prices are always subject to change.

The classes offered are not only for moms, but for partners as well. The Partner Skills for Birth class is offered to teach partners how to support the mom while in labor. The class is about one hour and costs $30. If a topic is not covered, let them know, and they will create a specialized class to meet your needs.

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Erie Doulas

Erie Doulas work as a team with you and your family to ensure they offer peace of mind. In addition, they want you to be comfortable with your doula throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey. So, check out the Erie Doulas and schedule a free consultation!

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