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disLet’s talk about diapers, one of the most essential items for babies! While we know keeping diapers on our little ones is obviously important, making sure those diapers are also dry and clean throughout the day is just as important. But let’s be honest, sometimes that’s not an easy task. No judgment here. Things happen, and we end up needing a little extra help and understanding. Maybe you’ve hit a snag in life or weren’t expecting them to have a tummy bug and use up your stash. Those disposable things can be expensive, and your wallet may not have the capability to cover an upset tummy. Or maybe you’re having a hard time finding some on the shelves. No matter the situation, your baby deserves a clean butt, and you deserve peace of mind. That’s where Diaper Depot in Erie, PA, can help you out.

About Diaper Depot in Erie, PA

The Erie Family Center saw a need in their community of families struggling to obtain diapers for their children and decided to launch the Diaper Depot program in January 2020. Since opening this helpful program, they have distributed over 490,000 diapers and helped more than 400 families monthly. Initially, the program started by helping to provide members of their community in need of diapers with one week’s worth of diapers once a month per child. Shortly after opening the program, they saw the significant demand for this program. They quickly acted to double their distribution to every two weeks. In fact, The Erie Family Center is the ONLY Diaper distribution organization associated with a nationally accredited program within a 100-mile radius!

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Now you may be wondering, how does someone get free diapers for their child? It’s actually pretty simple; you just need to fill out the New Registration Form (available online here). Just make sure you select the right diaper size and location for pickup. Once you’re squared away, you can drive-thru any of their contact-free distribution centers and complete their Returning Registration Form, and you’re all set!

They have multiple distribution centers at various locations and times that are updated and posted on their Facebook page and their website.

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This genuinely fantastic program is available for everyone. No matter your housing, income, or family situation, all are welcome because there are no qualifications. They understand that everyone can use a little help sometimes, especially when it comes to our little ones and keeping diapers dry. The Erie Family Center cares about its community as a whole.

Diaper Depot Erie, PA

If we have learned anything from recent times, it is that anyone can fall on hard times or use a loving and helping hand. Diaper Depot in Erie, PA, is here to help keep kids in clean diapers. Fill out the registration form and get your free diapers to help lighten the diaper load. Additionally, you can even check out what else The Erie Family Center does in our community!

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